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Diane Prince
I built an 8 figure business and sold it to a public company. Now I coach startups through their growth pains so they can scale successfully too


  • Jen


  • Jesse Draper

    Jesse Draper

    Consumer Tech Investor, Supporter of female founders everywhere. Board Member. Boy Mom!

  • Cassie Betts

    Cassie Betts

  • Anne Richardson

    Anne Richardson

    Devout Solo-Entrepreneur; exploring how to make our businesses better-not bigger. Self-Employed: juggling balls, creating opportunities, overcoming challenges.

  • Andy Cheung

    Andy Cheung

  • Barbara S. Giordano

    Barbara S. Giordano

    Three-time award winning speechwriter. Beyond the pen I enjoy photography, gardening, hiking, reading and our kitties.

  • Donna Woolam

    Donna Woolam

    #LivingAtMyBest Founder #WorkLifeBalance for #WomeninBiz #WAHM #Motivation #Enouragement #HappyLife #BetterLife #Speaker #Author #Coach #Training #Christian

  • Hannah Morgan

    Hannah Morgan

    Go-to guide for lifetime career navigation. Speaker. Author. Dish out social media strategies for job seekers & solopreneurs. Unapologetic introvert.

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