3 Steps to hiring the right person for your team

Diane Prince
4 min readMay 6, 2021

Your team dynamic can make or break the success of your business. A question I see come up most often online is all about hiring for your startup — building a team or finding a cofounder to grow your business. I am going to talk about a couple of different types of hires, and share with you my method that helped me build many successful teams and over 2000 hires.

On episode 18 of the Entre-preneur show, I talk a lot about hiring your first employees and how to approach that process. An important thing to remember when you start the hiring process is that businesses make money. Creating a product and building revenue is more important than trying to hire people when you have no money.

A hire that is often overlooked is hiring a VA.

A virtual assistant (VA) is an addition to your team who can support you in areas of your business that may not be your strengths or that you no longer have time for. Some VAs specialize in specific areas of work like bookkeeping, inbox management, social media management, email marketing, course launching, or systems setup. Others are general VAs that can help you with a variety of administrative needs.

An important distinction here is that a VA is different from an employee. They are usually Independent Contractors/business owners who provide their own office space and equipment and pay their employment taxes, which makes them a great first hire. A VA can take a lot of the day-to-day administrative and tedious tasks off your plate, freeing you up to work on the strategy and long term goals for your business. Having the right VA, and knowing how to communicate with them, is absolute gold when building your vision.

Do you need a co-founder?

I write all about my thoughts on co-founders here.

One thing I have learned over the years is that my most successful cofounder relationships had the same thing in common: all of the founders saw the business relationship as a vehicle to get to their own personal goals. Knowing your personal goals, as well as those of your potential team members and employees, is crucial for making the best decision for your business.

Diane Prince

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